Pretzel-Crusted Chicken with Cheddar Mustard Sauce

This is a Rachael Ray recipe I found in a cookbook and on her website. Pretzel-Crusted Chicken Breasts With Cheddar Mustard Sauce Ingredients 4 quart-size plastic food storage bags 4 small, boneless, skinless chicken breasts 1 5-ounce bag of salted pretzels, any shape 1 tablespoon fresh thyme leaves, chopped Salt and freshly ground black pepper 2 eggs Vegetable oil, for frying 2 tablespoons butter 2 tablespoons flour 2 cups milk 3/4 pound, about 2 1/2 cups, sharp yellow cheddar cheese, shredded 2 heaping tablespoons spicy brown mustard 1/4 cup flat leaf parsley leaves, a generous handful, chopped 1/4 small yellow onion, finely chopped 1 large sour dill pickle, finely chopped 1 lemon, cut into wedges Yields: 4 servings Preparation Preheat a large non-stick skillet with a 1/4-inch of vegetable oil over medium-high heat. Sprinkle a little water into four medium food storage baggies. Place 1 chicken breast in each bag and seal it up, pushing out excess air. Use the bottom of a heavy pot or pan and pound each breast until flat, just shy of busting out of the bag. Repeat with the other 3 chicken breasts. Place the pretzels in a food processor or blender and grind until fine. Transfer the ground pretzels to a shallow dish, add the thyme and some salt and pepper. Crack and beat 2 eggs in a second shallow dish with a splash of water. One at a time, coat each chicken breast in the egg and then the ground pretzels. Add the pretzel-coated chicken breast to the hot oil. Cook in a
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Clara’s Holiday Special! Cucidati Fig Cookies Part I Recipe: Cucidati Cookies (Sicilian Cookies by Clara) FILLING Boil 2 cups of water and add 1/2 cups sugar. Let cook. 3/4 cups shelled hazel nuts 1/2 cups shelled almonds 1/2 cups shelled walnuts 1/2 cups shelled pecans Toast all nuts on cookie sheet separately (different nuts take different times to toast). Grind together with nuts: 1/2 lb. diced candied fruit 1/4 lb. dark raisins 1/4 lb. light raisins 1/4 lb. dates (pitted) 1 orange with rind 1 dried tangerine with rind 2 lbs. figs or (2 packages or atleast 14 oz. apiece) Mix well all the ground ingredients. Add 1/2 or 3/4 of the cooled sugar water to make a nice soft mixture (be careful not to make it too soft). Save the rest of the sugar water mixture. Add 1/2 cup whiskey to ground ingredients. Mix well and let stand overnight. Keep in a fridge or cool place. You may need to add the sugar-water the next day. DOUGH 10 cups flour 1 lb lard 1 1/2 cups sugar 1 cup cold milk 2 heaping table spoons baking powder 1 table spoon vanilla 12 eggs Work flour and lard like you would pie crust. Melt sugar in milk. Beat egg and add vanilla. When flour and lard are mixed well, add baking powder, then add the other ingredients and mix until you have a nice liable dough. Let stand at least one hour, or this can be made the day before. Cover with a clean dish towel and put in the fridge or a cool place. Roll dough. Fill with filling (you can use a pastry bag). Cut and bake on ungreased
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50 Responses to “Pretzel-Crusted Chicken with Cheddar Mustard Sauce”

  1. valerienguyen392 says:

    yummo yummo

  2. 8iggie says:

    i love recipes like this.. cant wait to try it :)

  3. yoyomax12 says:

    We’ll have a love/hate relationship, how’s that? lol.

  4. Rickitard says:

    omg, why am I watching this when I’m soo hungry and the only things in the fridge r mustard and tortillas? lol haha ily yoyomax12, but I kinda hate u for making every look so tasty! lol haha jks, great vids, keep on making them!

  5. yoyomax12 says:

    I really like hearing from people who actually try the recipes I post! Thank you!

  6. yoyomax12 says:

    I saw Rachel Rae pound them like this on her show. Great way, less mess!

  7. yoyomax12 says:

    This one was a hit with the family, bubby like the flavours

  8. atlantoon says:

    Thanks, looks YUMMO!

  9. leisaanddirk says:

    This looks absolutely delicious- I’m going to have to make that this week. Never thought of pounding out chicken with ziplock bags and the bottom of a pan- thanks for passing along that tip!

  10. 1970sarteaga says:

    I used this recipe & made this chicken dish & it was delicious! Even my husband liked it & he isn’t much on chicken. Thanx again 4 posting & sharing with us! :)

  11. yoyomax12 says:

    Great idea about the nuggets!

  12. yoyomax12 says:

    There isn’t much mustard in there, so it isn’t really spicy, but you can taste the flavour.

  13. pinkiepandaXD says:

    does the spicy brown mustard make the sauce spicy?

  14. pinkiepandaXD says:

    these would be great as nuggets too and you could dip it in the cheese mustard sauce, mmmmm sounds good

  15. viduoo9 says:

    yes we do since we have a lot of German company’s and a lot of German community who come for work here and we are now going to be the largest beer brewing country in the world surprisingly we are the only state in India to celebrate Oktoberfest people who cant afford to make it to the festival come here and enjoy equally…:)

  16. yoyomax12 says:

    I would love to have you over for dinner, lets hope someday we can have dinner together that would be so great.

  17. yoyomax12 says:

    The garnishes looked nice and it was very tasty.

  18. yoyomax12 says:

    You could make it another day. lol.

  19. yoyomax12 says:

    I think nuggets would be great with this sauce, yummy!

  20. yoyomax12 says:


  21. yoyomax12 says:

    Thanks! The credit goes t Rachel Rae though

  22. yoyomax12 says:

    Chicken twice works! lol

  23. yoyomax12 says:

    This is a winner for sure!

  24. yoyomax12 says:


  25. yoyomax12 says:

    Using a pot or skillet is so easy, don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier.

  26. undertaker666dead says:

    yes you can substitute the “Lard” for Chuck Norrors

  27. undertaker666dead says:

    I hear u FALKORDOG Clara rules!!

  28. DimplesDeep1 says:

    93 years old…Your wonderful!
    Bless your heart :0)

  29. GIGNica says:

    Can you substitute the “Lard” for something else?

  30. QueenDairylolz says:

    I love her!

  31. ot4kidz says:

    love it!!!!

  32. SueAz09 says:

    Thanks for sharing your grandma with us. I enjoyed the videos. God love her. She’s adorable. Wish I still had my grandma’s around.

  33. lakepurdy1 says:

    She ain’t kiddin’ around- cracking your own nuts? What a wonderful cook that shares her recipe(s). So good to see it’s being passed from generation, but, sorry, I’ll stick with electric and use peeled nuts. Wish I had the patience! Whew!

  34. thenavalarchitect912 says:

    Awwwww soooo cute! I wish I could make cookies with her!!

  35. dustynow1 says:

    thank you you are so nice…..

  36. dobiegal4 says:

    I wish I still had my grandma around! We used to bake together all the time at Christmas. It’s nice to see these 2 young girls baking with their grandma. Great video!

  37. LeconsdAnalyse says:

    Just copy & paste into the YouTube search box, “Holiday Cooking: Sicilian Fig Cookies – Part II”.

  38. mybraxtonburns says:

    I loved Part 1, but I can’t find Part 2.

  39. LuvRK9s says:

    I am just enjoying this lady…and fondly remembering my own family. Glad to see how you cherish her. She deserves it :)

  40. klstehn says:

    This looks so good! I want to make them for Christmas this year!

  41. creepiecrawll says:

    @ArabNobility what do you mean by “that explains a lot”? lmao

  42. thornekatt says:

    don’t forget the toasted nuts! ; )

  43. ROCKSLIDZ says:

    @ArabNobility Well, I’m a woman, but you’re welcome. :) Hang in there.

  44. ROCKSLIDZ says:

    @ArabNobility Maybe you should try speaking, acting and writing like a gentleman, and then you’ll find a lady.

  45. FALKORDOG says:

    How can you dislike this video?

  46. meagenswims1 says:

    This is cute and this woman is amazing!!

  47. ZombieHunter19 says:

    Well isn’t he just a fine bachelor huh?

  48. wkwc1 says:

    Clara u r just magical and lights up my day every time i watch u r video..Regards from Australia

  49. mysticmagic4760 says:

    Your videos are just wonderful Clara! Bless you. (:

  50. TheScarlettePixie says:

    God bless you, Clara!